About us and why we are different

We will inspire you to make your business communications brilliant

Quatreus will energise and delight you. We’ll support you throughout the most challenging of projects and give you the freedom and support to craft events that are thrilling and bold.

Traditional Exhibition Service

Quatreus Managed Service

Our managed service is a little different

You already know buying reusable kit makes sense, but storage and maintenance are key to protecting your investment… not to mention needing a professional team to re-deploy it again and again. With our Managed Service, the team will do all that for you, seamlessly.

Sometimes the simplest of things provide a quick financial saving, we’ll use analysis to guide your decision making. You will have the freedom to be creative with your investment choices, safe in the knowledge that we have the capacity and experience to look after your vital resource.

It’s the detail that counts, we select world class cases and packing to ensure your kit performs to the highest standard and lasts well beyond industry expectations. We have some modular exhibition frame that is 15 years old and is still as functional and presentable as it was on day 1… providing the client with a massive return on their investment in saved hire costs.

We’d love to hear from you and help you get started on a new, exciting “Reusable” journey.

Ready to take control?

“You remain a step ahead of most of the designers I work with .. and your ability to articulate the situation to your client is outstanding”


“The standard and quality of Quatreus’ work is excellent. Our team at Quatreus are professional, proactive and provide an excellent standard of service. They are a friendly team that can offer a broad perspective of activities from storage of equipment to total event management. Quatreus will add value to any organisation looking to deliver high quality events”